Eateries and self-service grills

We have a wide range of places to eat in Aalborg Zoo, where you can get something for the sweet tooth, for the starving one and for everyone in between.

You are also welcome to enjoy your own food at Aalborg Zoo. We have a large barbecue area available where you can grill your food and enjoy it at the tables.


List of eateries and restaurants

  • Restaurant Skovbakken
  • Bufferfly Café
  • Kiosk at the playground
  • Kiosk at the orangutan square
  • The Sweet Tooth
  • The orangery - Penny Lane
Aalborg Zoos barbecue area

Self-service grills

At Aalborg Zoo you can also grill your own food in one of our large barbecue cabins. The grills can be used from Easter until the fall holidays.